I wanted him to stay last night soooooooooo bad…
He couldn’t stay. I knew he couldn’t & I was disappointed anyway. I know how to “get over it” but the thing is I don’t wanna wake up one morning & realize I can actually sleep without him. I don’t.
Does that makes me a bad person?


tips on how to properly enter my room:

  1. do not


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sooo you a rough sex blog preaching feminism? fuckin weird




Look man. I don’t give a fuck if i’m knuckle deep in her ass hole and she’s covered in cum and tied to my bed frame, I still hold her equal to me.

i needed to reblog this again

agree. reblog forevvvvvvvvvvva <333


you dont just play the sims. you go on a sims binge for three days straight then put the game down for 5 months


i need a hot boy who thinks they’re really ugly so they think im out of their league but actually they are way out of my league